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The Surgivisio Platform is a robotic 5-axis, optimized 2D x-ray C-arm with integrated 3D image reconstruction and real-time navigation, allowing surgeons to operate with guidance directly from a patient's 2D or 3D image.

As easy to use as any standard 2D C-arm, the Surgivisio Platform can be used in 2D or 3D mode at any time for emergency, routine or complex procedures. The Surgivisio Platform is a CE-marked class IIb medical device (CE0459).

eCential Robotics simplifies the entire workflow for a seamless patient experience.

No additional pre-op imaging is required to enable the surgery. The unified system will manage intra-operative low dose imaging and navigation.
On the day of surgery, eCential Robotics’s unification of imaging and navigation in one product enables surgical staff to set up the system in just a few minutes before navigating.
Thanks to the eCential Robotics’s optimized trajectory, which increases the volume of possible reconstruction, only 90 projections are necessary for 3D acquisition. The entire staff leaves the room during 3D image acquisition, so that the staff does not need to be exposed to x-rays during 3D image acquisition, and 3D navigation can begin with no further x-ray shots. If necessary, the system can then be used as a conventional 2D C-arm at any step of the procedure, for example to visualize cement injection in real-time.

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eCential innovation

Surgery is an art. It evolves through surgical innovation, but innovation requires the highest standards of safety and precision.

The eCential Robotics platform features unique, patented technologies that give surgeons reproducible precision during surgical procedures, allowing them to focus their attention on the most important aspect of their job. eCential Robotics is developing a series of Apps, each one of which will be dedicated to a specific surgical indication, with dedicated instrumentation and specific optimized workflows. eCential Robotics’ wide array of Apps will cater to specific requirements, allowing each surgeon to perform his or her art in a way that is right for them.