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The all-in-one surgical platform combining 2D/3D imaging, real-time navigation and robotics for bone surgery.

eCential Robotics in figures

+100 employees
2500 surgeries
100 patents registered
Our values

eCential Robotics employees share a unique mindset built upon strong values.

Collective spirit

At eCential Robotics, we believe in the strength of the collective. Teamwork and knowledge sharing are encouraged. Permanent exchanges create a collective emulation based on goodwill and positive attitude.


To guarantee patient and medical staff safety, we are committed to a process of continuous improvement of our quality standards. Excellence is a daily requirement that every employee pursues without compromise.


Ever since our creation, agility and innovation have marked the culture of eCential Robotics. Out of the box thinking and questioning are encouraged to go beyond the status quo and actively contribute to healthcare advancement.


Driven by its founders, perseverance is a strongly held value at eCential Robotics. We never give up and continue to move forward even where others have stopped. Each challenge is a new opportunity to improve.


We expect integrity and ethical behavior from every employee. Respect for processes, standards and regulations. Respect for our commitments to all our stakeholders. Mutual respect among ourselves and towards others more generally. Respect is an integral part of our success.

The multidisciplinary team eCential Robotics is creating the future of bone surgery by digitalising the traditional surgical technique.