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Healthcare systems around the world are encouraging the development of outpatient surgery. Outpatient surgery requires Less Invasive Surgery, and we believe that unified surgical technologies empower surgeons to operate less invasively.

Unifying imaging and robotics gives surgical technology a level of hand-eye coordination that truly empowers surgeons to reduce incisions, surgical time and x-ray exposure, perform the most complex interventions with confidence and facilitate faster recovery.

The surgical robotics market currently exceeds 1.7 billion dollars, but its potential reach is far greater. The eCential Robotics platform was designed to host multiple Apps dedicated to specific indications, and the possibilities for the development of dedicated Apps are limitless.

eCential Robotics was founded by highly experienced professionals in the field of imaging, surgical robotics and instrumentation. The company’s management team has a proven track record in the development of breakthrough surgical technologies, the recruitment and management of large teams of skilled engineers, and in the structuring of organizations for large-scale manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Since the company’s inception, significant investments have been made to further the development of the eCential Robotics platform and industrialize its production processes.
eCential Robotics’s board of directors comprises a selection of some of the most seasoned investors in the medical sector.

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Board of directors

Stéphane Lavallée
eCential Robotics
Marie-Laure Garrigues
Investment Director
Guillaume Hemmerlé
Fund manager
Sigma Gestion
Laurence Chabanas
Chief Strategy Officer
eCential Robotics
Fabio Bonetti
VP International Business Development
eCential Robotics
Sylvain Fanier