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Transforming the market for bone surgery

The results of surgery are not always as good as they could be. And yet, the technologies that can improve them do exist.

At eCential Robotics, we are committed to disrupting the bone surgery market by getting our products into the hands of as many surgeons as possible so that all patients can benefit. The global robotics market is currently over $2.5 billion and the spine market is over $10 billion, and the potential is far greater.

We are convinced that only an Open, Unified, MultiApp robotic surgery system, suitable for all surgeons for all bone surgeries, on all patients, can become the standard of tomorrow's operating room.

The eCential Robotics platform unifies intraoperative 2D/3D imaging, navigation and robotics. Navigation and gesture guidance allow for greater safety in the standard steps of pedicle aiming and free up operating time for the other gestures of the procedure. Our platform aims to concentrate the flow of surgical tasks on the essentials and make robotic-assisted bone surgery simple enough in clinical routine to become a reference.

Our ambition is to be the game changer in the market and to transform bone surgery to make every procedure a success.

Open - Compatible with all screws, regardless of the manufacturer, it enables the surgeon to choose the best procedure and the best implant for each patient.
Unified - The eCential Robotics platform is designed as a single system integrating 2D/3D imaging, navigation and robotics.
MultiApp - Open to the development of applications, it aims to adapt to multiple indications of bone surgery.

The all-in-one surgical platform combining 2D/3D imaging, real-time navigation, and robotics for bone surgery.


Stéphane Lavallée
eCential Robotics founder and CEO
Laurence Chabanas
eCential Robotics Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer
Aure Bruneau
Stimwave CEO
Gilad Glick
Venture Investments, Medtech JJDC
Guillaume Hemmerlé
Trail Solution Patrimoine
Hannah Dickson
Sylvain Fanier
Med-Innov co-founder and president
Fabio Bonetti
eCential Robotics VP international business development

Investors relations

Benjamin Colas

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